Top 5 Worst Phones Ever!


My choices for the worst phones ever! What’s your pick? Since smartphones really started taking off there have been many excellent innovations and awesome ph…

25 Responses to “Top 5 Worst Phones Ever!”

  1. clown564 says:

    worst phone i’ve used is the iphone 4s. samsung G2 is much better

  2. TheAmtrakboy says:

    you probably have one of them

  3. stonecrestmovies says:

    Umm… what about the Dell Aero? Worst. Phone. Ever.

  4. 3Triforce1Returns says:

    Thumbs up for GameCube and Sega in the background.

  5. Cody Coleman says:

    yes yes. i really got shocked when i receive my ipad3 without any dime @ my home yesterday. but i can tell you one thing, dont forget to give ur email id and delivery address to receive via courier. if you wanna try just try now >>>

  6. minecraftboss1000 says:

    you are retarded if you have to empty the vacuum more often than its great

  7. mafewbbssuj22 says:

    ikr it’s shit

  8. Erik Dube says:

    iphone is the worst cellphone ever because in five months it slows down the software it has for no reason at all I tell its a big waste of your money

  9. Erik Dube says:

    The Fujifilm finepix xp20 is the worst waterproof camera ever because after using it on the second time at the pool the waterproof leaked for no reason when everything was closed properly it got water damaged for no reason at all I tell the Fujifilm finpix xp20 is the worst waterproof camera ever of 2011

  10. Erik Dube says:

    We have a Shark Vacuum When I was using on April 16 2013 the kept turning off while I was moving it back and forth but when I was vacuuming well the closer I vacuumed to the couch the vacuum would shut off for no reason at all I tell you don’t buy the Shark Vacuum at all its a waste of money it the worst Vacuum ever plus you have to empty the vacuum more often

  11. MrMagichobo21 says:

    I almost bought that dual screen echo thing.

  12. Anthony Briseno says:

    hated my kin

  13. GEN3ClanHD says:


  14. christochristo01 says:

    Iphone bigest worst hot dog phone!

  15. Amit Max says:

    samsung wave 2

  16. amnoon97 says:

    Nope, but let me help you learn English grammar. *Samsung *You *are *same.

  17. Channel4Infinity says:

    LG optimus 2x speed!!! worst phone ever

  18. LYx461 says:

    the worst phone i ever used,CSL,malaysia brand

  19. focusizhere says:

    What about the quickfire, the phone that literally caught on fire funny enough.

  20. Gregory Cabral says:

    iPhone is the worst phone of all time.

  21. AnimalEatingGod says:

    HI Austin!!! You’re so fuck face. Lol.

  22. Stefan Orosco says:

    worst phone I ever used was the the HTC Wildfire S

  23. Retsnox says:

    oh bro burn that thing

  24. а Ла says:

    samsungs fan? lol u r all the same

  25. amnoon97 says:

    Where’s the iphone? LOL JK. My worst phone was the inq chat 3g and it was horrible….