T-Mobile Concord Smartphone Review


My full review on my new cellphone, the Concord Android Smartphone of T-Mobile. Only , it is a very affordable cellphone. Especially Android and a smartph…

25 Responses to “T-Mobile Concord Smartphone Review”

  1. Mixxmaster5959 says:

    Some people are so picky why would I want a phone for games a phone is just to make calls and txt not to play games that’s why I have my PSP and Xbox 360 smh :/

  2. Daniel Ulate says:

    Do you knoq how to root it

  3. TheN0L0 says:

    Mine has no memory, I mean I might be able to get a 20 MB app then my phone freaks out, also it is so slow so I don’t know what this guy is talking about, mine sucks

  4. TrakRaptor says:

    True. I wish that the Concord gives us updates so we could get apps like templerun2 and others.

  5. TrakRaptor says:

    I know, it gets on my nerves when I can’t get all of the newest apps like templerun2. Also that it often crashes like all the time. Other than that, its a pretty decent phone, especially a smartphone.

  6. TrakRaptor says:

    This may happen because somebody may have sent you a text or a video. Also if there are apps notifications or battery life notification.

  7. aidanbiscette biscette says:

    This phone is ok i have it but your not able to have templerun2 or templerun and many more it sucks

  8. robert wilber says:

    I like the review but, dislike the phone cuase I have one. It has bad reception

  9. creeperexploder68 says:

    This phones a piece of crap i have it

  10. Fame O says:

    i mean i have that phone

  11. Fame O says:

    u have that phone

  12. marquese williams says:

    my concord turns it self on and off any ideas??????

  13. videogamer508 says:

    u go to the play store to download games &music.u can setup ur wifi in the settings app

  14. phoenix Stutz says:

    lol my dad has this phone and i got a galaxy s3

  15. HonestTruth45 says:

    How do I download music like here do I go? And how do you set up your wifi??

  16. Christian T says:

    Such an awful phone. I just had it and was so excited to not have it anymore

  17. TrakRaptor says:

    Turn your WiFi off and then try to open the picture message. It works for me.

  18. TrakRaptor says:

    Download GO Locker on the Android Marketplace.

  19. TrakRaptor says:

    Yeah my phone light sensor turns green only when the light sensor is red/orange. If green, then the light sensor just stays green.

  20. TrakRaptor says:

    Yep. To get apps just go to the Android Marketplace with your WiFi and your set.

  21. TrakRaptor says:

    I don’t think there is a case for the phone.

  22. SuperCrossingGuard says:

    @TrakRaptor i just got the phone and i cant figure out how to open picture messages. help!

  23. Balam Serpenti says:

    Awesome, thanks, got concord and gravity txt for christmas and couldnt decide

  24. Valentyn Tiron says:

    I have that kind of phone.

  25. Face123 Ali says:

    Instagram works