Samsung Keynote @ CES 2013 – Youm flexible Displays OLED Display [HD]


Samsung Keynote @ CES 2013 – Youm Flexible Displays [HD] It was shaping up to be an hour that only a tech geek could love, until former President Bill Clinto…

24 Responses to “Samsung Keynote @ CES 2013 – Youm flexible Displays OLED Display [HD]”

  1. tonystarks4545 says:


  2. ScanianSwede says:

    You’re right, they probably will. But who were the first? Exactly.

  3. caspian caliber says:

    stop selling ur cheap, dual sim .

  4. Kaf Abbott says:

    Samsung….microsodr…android…fuck yeah….new bugs …

  5. DiamondPlayMinecrft says:

    These guys are from samsung, dude!

  6. Cameron Speights says:


  7. hurricanechirag93 says:

    lol so many apple haters…. ever think that apple might use the same technology??

  8. Rezex Vonzstufenberg says:

    long live King Microsoft!!

    Death to Apple!!

  9. József Unterwéger says:

    Flexible display to all lcd monitor? Damn bad to mad players who wants to punch the display!

  10. Júnior Diógenes says:

    Woooow they made a screen and Apple will die after this. Really good arguments. PS: Love Samsung, just don’t like Android

  11. ShadowGronkh8000 says:

    who say now that apple better is? :)

  12. GreenSoup2HoT says:

    nah gaming is heading towards the oculus rift, no need for that lighting

  13. MontanplayHD says:

    6:49 – 7:47
    Conclusion: Best mobile, more girls xD

  14. AJ8ernal1 says:

    At 4:45 the asian goes “DATS AMAZING……….”

  15. calidoimortal says:

    Bravo Chino!

  16. Puneet786338 says:

    samsung has eaten apple :P

  17. michelin lopezperez says:

    apple is fucked up

  18. Ezekiel Domini Quintal says:

    actually, holograms have been existing already for years already.

  19. Ezekiel Domini Quintal says:

    you won’t get laid until you spelt it right.

  20. Benji Cooper says:

    So Samsung is telling me, if I buy their products I will instantly get lade?

  21. TheChercanz says:

    you have no idea… (wink)

  22. silverss onyoutube says:

    asians are so intelligent , i really think they will invent the worlds first UFO = Flying saucer anti gravity .

  23. SuperChuchs says:

    so… you are comparing, a 8cm. upgrade vs an HQ flexible screen and a tablet-phone by samsung….apple is quite dead until they do better than samsung

  24. Craig Gordon says:

    Apple are rubbish!!!!!!