CNET Top 5: SmartPhones 2013


These are Top 5 Smart Phones by CNET: 1) Apple iPhone 5: 2) Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) 3) HTC Droid DNA…

25 Responses to “CNET Top 5: SmartPhones 2013”

  1. oscarsegura322 says:

    Ur telling me my droid dna 1080p display ranked under the iPhone’s stock ass display bullshit

  2. Ted Don says:

    iPhone ? I feel asleep right after #2 because of the ultra boring iPhone

  3. ravi930 says:

    might as well buy a camera

  4. ravi930 says:

    Nokia 3310 hahahahah

  5. ravi930 says:

    HOW? just how is it better. it grew .5 inches. what else is new?

  6. ravi930 says:

    so isnt the notification bar on iphone useless. it only shows weather and notifies you if someone posted something on facebook.

  7. ravi930 says:

    since when did iphones became a “smartphone”?

  8. zetatsunami5 says:

    Iphone 5 the best of 2013 ?! Its the worst iphone ever

  9. licrodrigo747 says:

    iphone???? xperia Z is just the better…

  10. doomedpumkin says:

    at the moment the xperia Z is clearly the best smartphone but i guess it probably wasn’t there when you made this video

  11. Milan B says:

    song is the best :D

  12. THEAKman47 says:

    Galaxy note 2

  13. s27945 says:


  14. Joseph Lannan says:


  15. licrodrigo747 says:

    Iphone sucks my tamagochi is better

  16. BeMoGamer says:

    Nice Opinion..

  17. Shawn george says:

    Droid dna is better than s3

  18. sufyanmohd1710 says:

    Where’s htc one x+????? Its better than galaxy S3..LOL..

  19. CoolDuo360 says:

    there are way better phones than the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 FTW

  20. Amr Krunz says:

    Bro are you drunk? where is the top 5 smartphones on cnet website? go home you are drunk

  21. Slimrob2387 says:

    Note 2 damn best phone iPhone5 really looks grate but has no beastly specs!

  22. biga173rdify says:

    CNET should change there name to iCNET iPhone 5 really?? Lol

  23. Chinthaka Dhanapala says:


  24. HTCM7Reviews says:

    well.. up to day.. these are considered as best smartphones..

  25. Amal Mohan says:

    that huge thing doesn’t count as a phone lol